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About Science & Sail

Set sail on an extraordinary scientific expedition, where adventure meets exploration on the captivating waters of Waikiki. Our citizen science sailing charter was founded by passionate scientists and environmental enthusiasts. Our mission is to involve every sailor in ongoing scientific research, bridging the gap between academia and local communities. Unlike traditional scientific findings confined to academic circles, we believe in inclusive science communication and strive to engage tourists in meaningful research experiences. Our goal is to offer opportunities for education, foster clear science communication, and empower non-scientists to actively participate in ongoing research and ecosystem support. Join us on a voyage where every journey contributes to a brighter, more sustainable future for our oceans and beyond.

Tour Schedule

Science sails depart every other Sunday (weather dependent) at 9:00 am. We will confirm the morning of the charter.

Starting from $150

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Package & Itinerary

Tour times and routes are approximate and do not include check-in time. Total times may vary depending on weather conditions. Exact departure times will be provided upon booking.

  • 2 Hours
  • 4-6 people
  • Not included

$150 per person + taxes and fees

Shared Science & Sail

Embark on a captivating 2-hour shared science tour as you explore the breathtaking waters of Waikiki. It’s like science camp (but for adults too)! Join our marine scientist crew and contribute to ongoing scientific research by collecting valuable data during the journey. It’s not just a tour—it’s an opportunity to be part of something meaningful and make a difference in marine conservation efforts.

  • Morning Departure – Science Sails almost always depart in the morning as conditions are ideal for spotting marine life.

Departure from Kewalo Basin Harbor: The crew will greet and welcome you aboard. A brief safety briefing is conducted before we depart.

Sail along the Honolulu/Waikiki coastline: Learn about the diverse ecosystems, discover the threats facing marine habitats, and explore actionable steps to preserve our stunning coastline from our marine scientist crew.

Collect Data: Our collection project will depend on the weather! On some days we’ll collect water, some conduct a plankton tow, and if we’re lucky we’ll take some pictures of whale flukes.

Arrival at Kewalo Basin Harbor: As the charter comes to a close, we arrive back at the harbor.

Water Quality Monitoring

Get ready to dive into an immersive adventure with our hands-on water quality monitoring experience! Join us as we set sail on a mission to make waves in marine research by contributing to a seasonal time series tracking the water quality off the stunning coast of Waikiki. Our guests won’t just be along for the ride – they’ll actively participate in data collection. Step aboard, become part of the research crew, and let’s embark on an unforgettable journey to explore the mysteries of the oceans together!

Plankton Tow

Dive into the fascinating world of Plankton Tows, a powerful oceanographic technique designed to sample microscopic life in the vast ocean. During this hands-on activity, a net trail behind the boat. As the net is gently pulled through the water, excess water flows out through the mesh netting, while plankton is carefully captured into the jar at the end.

The size of the mesh netting determines the types of plankton collected. Our approach utilizes the smallest mesh netting to provide a comprehensive view of both zooplankton and phytoplankton – from intricate animal-like organisms to vibrant plant-like ones.

Marine Mammal Monitoring

During whale season (December – March), we’re often graced by the presence of majestic humpback whales. Our encounters with these gentle giants go beyond mere observation – we actively contribute to their conservation efforts through respectful engagement and photography.

A key aspect of our mission is capturing images of humpback whale flukes. These photos are shared with HappyWhale, a platform where photography merges with scientific research and conservation. By identifying individual whales based on their unique markings, we empower citizen scientists worldwide. Together, we’re part of a global initiative dedicated to tracking and safeguarding these incredible beings as they navigate the oceans.

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