View of Diamond Head from private sailboat charter in Honolulu, Hawai'i

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View of Diamond Head from private sailboat charter in Honolulu, Hawai'i

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Our luxury yachting experience is all about the extras. We offer timeless luxury with modern amenities and a concierge-quality service that will make your dreams come true on our classic, vintage vessel. You'll be able to relax in the lap of luxury and take in the sights of the sea from our spacious deck.

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Explore the Galley

Blue Planet is a 1978 Islander Freeport, a classic vessel that's been newly renovated for private luxury cruising. Her well-appointed suites and salon spaces warmly embrace you while reflecting the elegance and beauty of boat built for coastal sailing.

spacious and bright interior + full amenities

The galley is the heart of your boat, so we wanted to ensure that it was both spacious and bright. The classic and sophisticated design is one of the things that makes an Islander Freeport such a special sailing yacht.

The galley can comfortably fit six people and has everything you need while you're out on the water. You'll love how easy it is to use this kitchen—it's fully stocked with everything that will make your cruise more enjoyable.

large seating area & hidden table

We've designed this yacht to be able to transform from a spacious seating area with a cozy lounge while underway, and then back again into a dining area that can seat six when you're back at the dock for your custom gourmet dinner.

Made in 1978, Blue Planet is the classic sailing yacht with a roomy interior that's been re-fitted to her former glory

V-Berth & Forward Bath

The v-berth is such a cozy space. The forward hulls of the boat make a v-shaped bed (hence the name), with curtains that can be pulled around you to keep out all the light and noise from below decks.

The forward bath has been completely renovated into a modern space with a flushing electric toilet and all the amenities you might need while underway. This bathroom is accessible by walking through the galley (the kitchen).

forward bath before & after

Each corner of Blue Planet is a testament to design and luxury – see for yourself all the magic there is to discover

Aft Stateroom & Bath

Discover the ultimate comfort and style in our recently renovated aft stateroom, designed to provide ample space for changing and getting ready on your sailboat charter. With stunning modern decor and elegant touches, this stateroom is the perfect setting for capturing unforgettable photos. Enjoy the convenience of a private en-suite bathroom and deluxe amenities, ensuring a comfortable experience on your journey.

aft before & after

Blue Planet is a 'ketch,' meaning she has two masts and three sails, making her the ultimate Hawai'i sailing vessel