View of Diamond Head from private sailboat charter in Honolulu, Hawai'i

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what we're doing as a company

Sustainable Tourism

Eternal Tides is driven by three pillars of sustainability; ethical tourism, eco-tourism, and ocean stewardship.

ethical tourism

We provide small, private charters and are against consumptive models of over-packed charters and photography adventures that operate unsafely, do not pay staff livable wages, and are focused on the bottom line rather than the welfare of people, animals, or the ecosystem.


We are focused on becoming the leading ecotourism operator on O’ahu and beyond. We are strongly committed to educating our guests on marine and terrestrial wildlife conservation, ocean environment preservation, and sustainable natural resources.

ocean stewardship

The environment is intrinsically linked with our health and well-being. Water is life, and we strongly believe everyone has a part to play in conservation and can be ocean stewards for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Science Communication

Community Enrichment

The consumptive model of tourism in Hawai’i is harmful to the land, the Native Hawaiian community, and a diverse local economy not dependent on tourism is needed to reduce this harmful reliance. Although Eternal Tides operates in tourism, we hope to contribute to a new model of business not based on rapid consumption and exploitation of the land and resources. Instead, we hope to support existing initiatives spearheaded by the Native Hawaiian Community.

Most traditional western scientific findings are only disseminated among academic circles, which circumvents those that are actually affected in local communities. There are limited programs where tourists can participate in ongoing scientific research. We hope to provide opportunities for education, clear science communication, and participation of non-scientists in ongoing research and ecosystem support.

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Giving Back

As a company, we believe that philanthropy is integral to our mission. We're committed to donating 5% of our gross revenue to local nonprofits and Hawai'i-led coalitions.

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